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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483

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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483


A Wide Variety of

Products and Services 

When you need a project turned around in a hurry but still need excellent quality standards and quick, reliable delivery, Oakes Foundry is the name that you can trust. Let us be your casting provider.

At Oakes Foundry, we are proud to offer

a wide range of castings and other

products, great for home projects and

manufacturing  companies alike.

Our product line and service list includes:


Brass, bronze alloy and copper castings: We offer castings in several different materials and to a

variety of specifications. Within our bronze alloy class, we offer manganese bronze, tin bronze,

aluminum bronze, all of which can be used for a wide variety of applications.

We also distribute diamond-cut naval brass, centrifugally cast, and SAE660 material.


• Typical end uses: We make and distribute virtually any type of wear part, including bushings,

bearings, liners, wear plates, nuts, wedges, slippers and guides.


• Complete in-house machining service: Available on any size casting, our machining services

offer you high-quality with finish options including rough cast, rough

machined and finish machined.

The parts we make and the services we provide are excellent for a wide variety of industries,

including pulp and paper manufacturing, steel processing, valve and pump manufacturing and food processing.

Whatever your needs are, they are certain to be fulfilled at Oakes Foundry!

We look forward to discussing your next project, so contact us directly or request a quote online.