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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483

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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483


Sand Molded Castings

Oakes Foundry can produce brass and bronze castings using several types of alloys for varied applications across different industries. Some of our main alloys are Non-leaded Tin Bronze (C937N), Aluminum Bronze (C954), Manganese Bronze (C863) and Naval Brass (C464), all of which we can analyze to a high degree of precision using our in-house testing equipment, to ensure purity and quality.


Other types of tests, such as hardness, tensile, ultrasound and x-ray, are also available, depending on our customers’ requirements.


We have a rollover sand molding center, as well as hand-molding stations, that allow us to produce castings in any quantity desired efficiently, using wood or aluminum patterns that can be provided by our customers or made by us following their specifications.


Several furnaces, both electric and gas-fired, help us produce heats up to 3,000 pounds, but also allow us to run small orders quickly and effectively when needed. We also provide graphite inserts for customers’ wear parts, to give our customers the self-lubricating interfaces they require.

We look forward to discussing your next project, so contact us directly or request a quote online.