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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483

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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483


Seeing an opportunity to be on the cutting edge of machining technology, Oakes Foundry has added the Haas Automated Vertical Milling machine to its list of capabilities that we offer to our customers. This is a state-of-the-art CNC production machine that features the high performance our customers expect, and the innovation that makes Oakes Foundry unique - all while offering features that you won't find elsewhere.


The addition of this machine has made it possible to offer our customers machined parts

in a wide range of materials that Oakes Foundry would have outsourced in the past.

Haas Automation, Vertical Milling

Announcing Oakes Foundry's New Machining Capabilities:

Meeting the demands of complicated machined parts:


These are just a few of the innovations that make Haas Automation the high-productivity, high-value leader. And the legendary Haas control makes every VMC easy to operate.

Built with the operator and programmer in mind, it's packed with intuitive features you won't find on any other CNC machining center.

Machining a 3D Part in a Haas VF-0 CNC Vertical Machining Center

This allows us to control the process of production much closer, meeting demanding tolerances and the ever increasing requirements of our customers.

From mandrel spreader wedges, steel liner,

sheer blades and copper gripper pads -

to wear plates and large bore threadings

we have been able to make machined parts

with quicker turn-around times than

in the past.

Oakes Foundry looks forward to all the new services that we will be able to offer on this machine.

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