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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483

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700 Bronze Road, NE • Warren, OH 44483


Machining Services

We offer our customers complete in–house machining services, with finish options from rough machined to finish machined, per their requirements.

This allows us to control the manufacturing process from beginning to end, with quick turnaround times, and to ensure the highest quality levels for our castings.


Our highly qualified

machinists can mill,

plane, bore, drill and

thread castings

accurately and to

tight tolerances.

Our 100+ alloys give us the ability to match our castings to your specific needs. Your satisfaction is our primary concern, so we provide whatever you require, including chemistry, microhardness, microstructure, X-ray and tensile tests.

One part or thousands - we will provide what you require; from a single casting for a product development prototype to a production run of thousands of parts. 

6000 pounds is our upper limit on finished casting weight, so we can produce your larger castings. Our in-house melting capacity and machining capabilities will handle virtually any size and shape. 

At the opposite end of the scale, we produce castings weighing just a few ounces.

Graphite inserts give your wear parts very effective self-lubricated interfaces. Oakes has extensive experience in producing castings with graphite plugs. 

Let our subassembly give your wear parts very effective self-lubricated interfaces. Oakes has extensive experience in producing castings with graphite plugs. 

Fast delivery is routine for us. We normally have your order on a truck in two to three weeks, instead of the five to eight weeks that is common for our industry. 

Three molding centers are specially designed for short runs (one, two or three castings), medium runs (up to fifty pieces) and long runs. 

Seven furnaces provide the melting capacity and versatility for our foundry. We have two dual-track Inductotherm 4,000 pound coreless inductions furnaces, and three gas-lined 1,200 pound crucible furnaces. 

Heat treating may be necessary depending upon the metallurgy, machining, and end use of the parts. You will find this service very economical at Oakes Foundry.  

As for your patterns, either you can supply them or we will produce them to your engineering drawings - and you can supply those drawings in any of a wide variety of electronic wood or aluminum patterns depending upon the number of castings to be produced. 

Parts inventory can be an expensive problem for you. We offer OEM consignment programs where we keep a supply of castings or hand and ship quantities to you to keep your production on schedule. 

We look forward to discussing your next project, so contact us directly or request a quote online.

The Ametek Spectrograph Machine:

This Stationary Metal Analyzer determines the chemical composition of metallic samples. It has a rapid analysis and an inherent accuracy which allows Oakes Foundry to meet the needs of clients with unique projects which require fast and

precise analysis of applications that

require the chemical composition of metals.


It is only one of the many things that makes

working with Oakes Foundry the best choice for

your individual casting or machining needs.

Contact us for more information.